Sunday, 6 April 2014

Patterns that caught my eye this week

I only look at the first 10-15 pages of recently added designs, I only eliminate those with no photos.

A slip stitch waistcoat

 Easter Socks with a Daffodil and chicks and bunny

I keep meaning to try twinned knitting, this hat is an inspiration

I have a pet peeve about not seeing front and back of a garment, this garment looks like it could be interesting but how would I know?

I like how this scarf plays with the yarn

I like this shawl and the inspiration  wondering if it would be better in greens or autumnal colours...

very sweet Easter decoration  

Snowdrops cowl, and now I've got "Snowdrops and Daffodils..." line from All Kinds of Everything looping in my brain, pass the brain bleach...

A masterpiece wedding dress

It just doesn't quite work for me. it might be the whitespace at the edges

Lovely top, with bust coverage

Clever, Clever Loki Socks

Illusion knitting and stripes in a shawl

My style of cardigan, maybe without the belt

Breathtaking waistcoat

Very special scarf very cool design

Very pretty cardigan not really me, though I must knit one of hers some day

Lovely design the subtle striping is just so pretty

Clever hat design I love the flower detail

Such pretty detail without being over the top in this jumper

I like the style of this shawl

Possibly the cutest boots I have ever seen

my kind of cardigan with pockets and cables

Lovely floral motif in these mittens great use of a variegated yarn

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