Monday, 15 December 2014

Review of Complete Guide to Spinning Yarn

The US version is the copy I got from a remainder bookshop; the UK from the Library

These are the same book but the title comes up slightly differently, the inside is identical, down to same page numbers. Eling Chang gets a consultant credit on the US cover.

Dublin City Public Libraries

A comprehensive guide to spinning, including history, tools, preparation, techniques and a few projects, along with some inspiration pieces.

The projects are pretty straighforward, a woven cushion (pillow in the US version) cover; Knitted Hat and Mittens in a couple of colours, you could use a commercial yarn and a handspun for this; tassels and a knitted slipcase. The patterns aren't the centerpiece of the book, the book is more about the spinning and the instructions look both straighforward and comprehensive.

 I'm glad I bought it.

 While Dublin City Public Libraries provided me with a copy they offer me no inducement to write these other than my salary and access.