Saturday, 17 November 2012

Sew What bags review

Book Depository Link Dublin City Public Libraries copies

Yes, this isn't a sewing blog and I'm not really a sewing type of person, however this is an excellent book on how to go about designing and making bags out of fabric, ideas which could be translated quite easily into knit bags and if I ever was to sew bags for myself this would be a book I would turn to.  Messenger bags, sacks, organisers, draw-string bags and totes all with clear instructions and inspiring ideas to add to the mix.

Later the same week I read Sew by Cath Kidson and didn't think it was as useful for bags to be honest

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Ladybird Book About Knitting

Book Depository Link; Dublin City Public Libraries 
Ladybird Book About Knitting.

Wow, a serious flashback in this one, I remember using this book when I was much younger and I think I tried to knit a few things, but even I knew that my dad wouldn't be that impressed with a knit tie!

This book was part of a series by Ladybird that were about practical projects and originally published in 1972.  This is a facsimile edition of that one, so the needle size is in the old UK Imperial.  Size 8, by the way would be 4mm.

The advice to get some brightly coloured double knitting wool didn't say it had to be actual wool.

The first page of text is some do's and don'ts for better knitting, including washing your hands.
Then a list of essential supplies.  Needles, wool, scissors, sewing needle and bag.
How to create a slip knot is followed closely by an unnamed cast-on, the standard knitted-on cast-on considered pretty basic.
How to knit is followed by a small piece on Garter stitch and then how to cast-off.

The first project is a garter-stitch hair band that requires some help from "mother" to finish.

Purling comes next and an illustration of stocking stitch.  How to sew something together using an overstitch is followed by a pattern for a pincushion for "mother"

How to decrease is followed by a simple pocket money or change purse.

How to increase and then the backstitch seaming method is followed by a ball for a baby using increases and decreases, knit in five pieces

Making holes is followed by how to knit egg-cozies.  Then there's a blanket for a doll's pram, a pencil case, a bag and the aforementioned knit tie (which would appear to be at the end because it's knit using size 9 - 3.75mm needles and 4ply wool!)

It's funny, today there would be things like knitting in the round and probably brand-named yarns but this is simple and very basic and the illustrations are quite clear, wouldn't be a bad book to start someone off on

The libraries have got in a few copies.  Worth looking at for at least entertainment value.