Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Crochet with Flowers review

Dublin City Public Libraries

This is an interesting idea, using floral motifs to create projects.

The book starts with section on how to crochet, which doesn't have a section on left-handedness and also appears to neglect to mention the difference between US and UK terminology.  It's divided in three sections: Starting out; Practice makes Perfect and Confident Crocheting.  There are basically two types of use of Floral motifs, applique and as part of the stitch.

Chapter 1: Starting Out.
Poppy Purse - a purse with a poppy motif in Aran yarn.

Kindle Cover - crocheted flat, seamed and lined with flower appliques, in sportweight yarn

Tote Bag - made in pieces, seamed and with appliqued flowers.  Aran weight yarn.

Rose Headband - this has been in and out of fashion and it's an Aran Weight, with an applied Rose.

Baby Beanie Hat - Another pattern with applied flowers in a 4 ply yarn.

Ear Flap Hat - small earflaps on this aran-weight hat with applied flowers and a contrast trim, this one is quite pretty.

Fingerless Gloves - fingerless gloves with a small trim of flowers in a contrast colour around the wrist.  Worked in Aran-weight yarn.

Bunting - triangular bunting in a DK yarn with a floral centre and linked by flowers.

Egg Cosies - again with applied flowers. worked in DK weight yarn.

Floral-edged Jam Pot Covers worked in DK yarn this is quite ornamental and would be suitable for gifts.

Pin Cushions nested flowers stuffed in DK yarn.

Hexagon Flower Throw work multiple hexagons in DK yarn this could be a good use of leftovers.

Pansy and Kittens - Cat toys with flowers applied.

Chapter 2: Practice Makes Perfect
Butterfly and Blossom Key Ring- worked in Cotton Glace this is a set of key-ring charms.

Blossom Necklace a fine necklace worked in DK yarn that is reminiscent of Daisy chains.

Flower Garland - a series of flowers on a chain in DK

Shelf Edging - a shelf edging with flowers along it in a 4-ply yarn.

Floral Shell Stitch Cushion Cover - fairly simple cushion with bouquet of flowers in the centre in Aran yarns.

Tablecloth - flowers are used as weights in each corner, DK yarn.

Lido Swimming Cap Tea Cosy Aran weight yarn used double for the body and then decorated with multicoloured Flowers, just like an old-fashioned swimming cap.

Crown-edged Cushion Cover it's like a granny square but with multicoloured centre and plain around until the edging which is in a crown-like edging.

Place Mats - using a heavy cotton yarn these circular mats have applied flowers in a finer yarn.

Oven Cloths - floral centres on these lined oven cloths.

Buggy Blanket squares created and then connected together, done in dk weight yarn.

Chevron and Daisy Scarf - Rows of colour interrupted with a few rows of a contrast and then embellished with flowers, made in an Aran weight yarn.

Beaded Craft Kit Roll - Catherine Wheel stitch in two colours with beading in a DK weight yarn.

Baby Blanket a shell stitch blanket in a dk weight yarn with an edging embellished with flowers.

Chapter 3: Confidence Crocheting

Brooch - a flower made into a brooch made in a dk yarn.

Floral Bag - multiple flowers make up this bag that's then lined.  Made in DK yarn.  The flowers are each created separately before, making it easy to connect them.

Daisy Scarf - worked in squares in a sportweight yarn and then joined.

Floral Lace Scarf - a flower edged shawl worked in a fine mohair yarn.  Edged with flowers in a variety of sizes.

Vintage-style Vase Coaster - doileys worked in dk weight yarn. in multiple colours.

Round Rose Cushion - multiple roses worked in Aran-weight yarn and then attached to a croceted backing.

Gypsy Queen Throw - DK weight yarn in multiple colours, worked in squares and crocheted together with a loop edging.

Wash Cloths - floral centered wash cloths in DK cotton yarn. There are three, a Blossom Burst Cloth; Flower Square Cloth (with a 3-d flower); and a Petal edged circle, which is both centered with a flower and edged with a petal like edging.

It's a good book of designs which aren't too complex but do have a good result, many of them involve a lot of finishing. Many of them are too flouncy for my taste but they're quite nicely done if that's your taste and you're happy with a fair amount of sewing.

As usual this was borrowed from Dublin City Public Libraries who offer no inducement to write these others than supply plus my wage.