Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Knitting & Crochet Bible

 Impressions: Take the Knitting Bible add the Crochet Bible, bind for cheaper than the two separately, et voila. I'm not really going to review this one as I have both and plan to review them separately. I didn't see any new patterns and the copyright information didn't mention any revision details only published and dates.

 Buy/Borrow: If you want both books but didn't get them separately

 Where found: Dublin City Public Library has copies in stock


  1. I bought this with a Christmas Book Token and hadn't got the separate ones so I am particularly thrilled with it! I have decided to face up to my knitting and crochet book addiction and wonder if I need a selfhelp group! It's lovely to have a nice relaxing hobby so I refuse to get guilt tripped on my acquisitions!
    Catherine x

    1. glad you like it, I just wanted to make sure that folks knew that it was a compilation, nothing quite like them or a rename (a pet hate) to get extra books in my collection particularly when I chose between them an another book that I didn't have!

    2. Yes I love it and I know it's a compilation as the library has the Knitting Bible and eason's had the same one and I got the combo one in Easons too! It would infuriate me to get a book I already had under another name/cover. I have some great hardbacks I see out in a totally different cover now, and have to be vigilant!
      Nice to see your blog. I got a lovely knitting mag, Let's Knit, UK book, and made a nice jumper from the March edition. It's on my Facebook page and will soon be on my blog!
      Catherine x