Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Knit Real Shetland Review

Ravelry Link

This is a lovely showcase for Jamieson & Smith yarn, and ironically I just finished watching Shetland the TV series yesterday (which I enjoyed).  After an introduction by the inestimable Kate Davies it launches into the patterns and sadly it features one of my pet hates, garments that aren't modeled by people. Sigh.

Hopefully some day Ravelry will provide pictures.  I live in hope, at the time of writing at least two of the garment projects doesn't feature photographs.  Unusually there's no preamble for the patterns talking about inspiration etc and I found that I kinda missed that.

15 patterns from clothing to tea cozy, this is an interesting inspiration and variety.

The first project is the Wave Cardigan, by Toshiyuki Shimada and Grace Williamson steeked, this features 3 basic colours and then 24 other colours, perfect for if you can't decide which of the 2 ply jumper weight you want.  Round necked cardigan.

Next up are the aran-weight Feathercrest mittens by Jared flood, with a reverse stocking stitch palm. Done in the round.

Next up is probably the pattern that most tempts me, the Peat Hill Waistcoat by Hazel Tindall, steeked again, with rounded edges so I really want to see this on someone, I have never done steeking before and want to know how it will turn out first. Muted colours it really appeals to me.

Cross Tam by Daniel Goldmanto me this looks like sunset, bright orange main colour and blues, the crosses fall down the hat.

Viking Tunic by Sandra Manson, a jumper that echoes Viking dress

Osaka Tea Cosy by Msami Yokoyama features teapots as part of the design and a star tops it, this is charming.

Kergord Scarf by Mary Kay is a delicate lace scarf, worked from both ends and then Kitchenered in the middle.

Melby Jumper Dress by Gudrun Johnston would be a dress for my niece but more tunic for most adults.  Features pockets and stripes.

Wool Brokers Socks by Lesley Smith white and berry tones with striped cuffs and sole. Lush and beautiful

Muckleberry Gloves and hat by Mary Jane Mucklestone complex colourwork in rich reds and blues creating wearable works of art.

Caavie Gansey by Candace Eisner Strick a complex steeked jumper that's full of colour without being overwhelming.

Madeira Lace Shawl by Joyce Ward a triangular lace with a scallop pattern and v-shaped edging.

Buttoned Hat Aka Lexie by Woolly Wormhead made in an Aran weight yarn this is a cloche with buttons that channels a Downton Abbey type of aesthetic and features interesting texture.

Olly's Allover by Jean Moss; cables in the middle with colourwork at the edges this is knit in Aran-weight.

Overall it's an interesting mixture of patterns and full of inspiration.  For a knitter with some experience, worth a look at least.  I borrowed it via Dublin City Public Libraries from South Dublin Libraries.  I would add that some pages fell out although it didn't really have a huge circulation from what I could tell.