Monday, 15 June 2015

Knit Nordic Review

Dublin City Public Libraries

 Using a variety of patterns inspired by Nordic traditional jumper patterns creating accessories.  Most of them could be interchanged with each other.  Creating a huge variety of patterns.  I have knit one of them, the iPad cover
FlickrDroid Upload myself as a gift. And I found the instructions clear and simple.  The recipient is happy with it which is a bonus.

Each section covers a particular pattern; Marius; Setesdal; Fana and Voss, there's also a section on techniques and advice on stranded knitting.  She discusses each pattern and it's history in Norway and how it developed.

Marius mostly blue and white with some red highlights.
All-Day Handbag using a chunky yarn in the original the bag has red highlights on the top
Racerback top with a deep rib and patterning above it, then red on the top and along the edging on the top knit in DK yarn
Hotpants - exactly what they imply, red to the bottom.  4ply yarn.
Maurice the Teddy Bear - mostlly blue and white with some red highlights and a red head.  Knit in DK
Christmas Stocking - red heel, toe and some highlights, knit in DK.

Setesdal black and white contrasts, it's an interesting traditional pattern
iPad Cover - see my version above, it's a nice piece, the contrasts make it stand out.  Knit in DK.
Necktie - mostly black with a black and white end.  Knit in DK.
Slippers - the slippers swap the regular pattern exchanging the white and black and Brioche stitch sides and bottom.  Knit in DK.
Wristwarmers - lowering the contrast to grey and cream, knit in DK again.
Beanie Hat - again using the grey and cream, also pictured in white and red.  This is knit in DK.

Fana lowers the contrast yet again to light blue and white, delicate but interesting.
Beret - knit in DK.
Half-sweater - again in DK this is sometimes referred to as a Caplet by many people, it's a shoulder cover that comes just down to the underarms.
Sleeves - could be combined with the half-sweater under or over a coat for added warmth.  Knit in DK again.
Cafetiere cosy - Knit in DK again, this would be a good starter to learn how to do the techniques.
Cup Cosies - also in DK, this uses a variety of the Fana patterns for handle-less cups or tall glasses.

Voss - almost like tiles, patterns are contained within squares.
Toilet Roll Cover - for containing one toilet roll, knit in DK.
Potholder - tiled potholder, knit in 4ply doubled
Snood - a dk neckwarmer.
Cushion Cover - a superchunky cushion cover.
iPhone cover - knit in 4ply yarn

I got this from Dublin City Public Libraries and it's one I'm somewhat tempted to buy.  Its another book that's very useful as inspiration for adapting traditional patterns, it's a book that would encourage looking at traditional patterns and adapting them for new uses.

Dublin City Public Libraries offer me no inducement to write these other than a salary and access to the books.