Saturday, 31 December 2011

WIP's of 2011

So I have a number of projects that are languishing in the Work in Progress/ Unfinished Object Pile

UFO's that just need some finishing
The Pixie Socks - these only need a bit of crochet along the edging. 31/12/2011
The Purple Biker - needs the zip putting in.
Purple Versatility - needs the buttons putting in
Sherwood needs Blocking.

WIP's Long-term
Purple Serenity is a knit for when I need something to keep me occupied, it's a banket worked in the round. To use up some of the purple acrylic lurking in my stash.
Springfield Memories - worked in motifs this is proving to be a on-and-off project, currently off
Victoria is a doll pattern, who was stalled when the book was left in the rain and I had to try it out properly, so my momentum was lost, this is a complex pattern with a lot of clothes.
Multicoloured Square, an experimental project done with some test yarn.  Plan to make it into a cushion cover.
Using up some Plain yarn - using up the Art of Knitting leftovers doing the curve of Pursuit, I had more of this knit until I needed to finish the second Art of Knitting throw and discovered that I was missing yarn.
Sock Yarn Quilt- I have plans to change how this is made as I like modular where you connect the squares to minimise sewing up.  I think I'll do an outer edge of the centre out squares and then do mitered squares for the rest.
Leaf or Stay - this has to come to Dublin with me some day, I keep forgetting to knit it when visiting the folks
Carmel Knotty - needs to have another project rotated in, this languishes in work

Nearly there, some more knitting required
Purple Leap - only one strap left to go but it's tedious repetitive work now.

Ripping needed/done, restarting taking time
Blue Inara - I swear, I was done with back and side one, then discovered I was missing almost 40 stitches for the first, ripped, want to restart, it will be pretty when done.
Square Brown Cardigan, I was getting there with this until I discovered that the armholes aren't designed for me.  Sleeves need to be ripped and restarted. Yes, this is knit in an interesting modular way and I liked the fun of it.

I started a test knit yesterday, it's ploughing along.

The last project on my WIP pile is the Turquoise Drip Drop Cowl.  As I only started it 2 days ago I don't think it really counts as a long-term WIP

There are a few projects that are officially snoozing and need finishing but the projects above are first.