Friday, 29 April 2011

Crocheting for Dummies (2nd Edition)

Ravelry Link (actually for the first edition but the patterns look the same); Book Depository Link

Impressions: While it uses US terms it does note the difference between US and UK terms.  This book concentrates on the basics, there aren't very many garments here but there are a lot of other patterns, the basics and this is where this book is quite good.  The diagrams are clear and I would think that this would be a valuable basic knowledge book for Crochet.  There's a guide to crochet stitch diagrams as well, that takes you through simple to more complicated.

Types of patterns: hats, bags, scarves, dishcloths, jumpers, amigurumi, cushions, blankets, towel and accessories to name a few.  It has several basic patterns that would lend themselves to experimentation.  Sadly while it does list a few variations on crochet it lacks a bibliography that would allow you to move on.  The back lists ravelry, Crochetme and Crochetville and lists Crochet! magazine and Interweave Crochet and the Crochet Guild of America but lists very few non-US sources.

Colour/Black & White: mostly black and white with a colour insert with most of the patterns.

Schematics: yes for the garments

Target Audience: beginners and I could also see it being a useful as a reference work.  I have several others that would do the same job but I was starting out again this would be high on my to buy list.

How to Crochet guide: yes

Experimental/Classical/Modern: mostly classical stuff.

Comments on patterns: The book teaches you some basics and then offers up some projects, like dishcloths, that would be pretty easy as starters and then works it's way up to garments, which are worked in one piece

Buy/Borrow: It would be a useful reference work for most folks, particularly if you plan to design for the US market.  It's pretty basic though, so if you already have a work that fills this gap, I'd borrow first before buying.  It's biased towards the US so don't rely on it for Yarn sources, magazines or associations.

Where found:  Dublin City Public libraries has a few copies.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Country Weekend Socks Review

Book Depository Link Ravelry Link

Impressions: This is a book of fairly heavy weight socks, there are a few in 4ply but most of the patterns are in DK or heavier, these are for heavy-weight use and several would be good stashbusters.  They look pretty slouchy and several of them don't look well-fitting but that could be styling.  I'm not queueing up to buy this though a few of the patterns did attract my attention.  Many of the patterns are knee highs but there's no real suggestions of how to adapt for different sized legs or length of leg.

Types of patterns: Socks

Number of Patterns: 25

Size Range: Adult socks

Colour/Black & White: Colour mostly, colour charts but written lace.

Schematics: no

Target Audience: Some are pretty advanced but most are intermediate to advanced.

How to knit guide: Some basic guides and advice included.

Experimental/Classical/Modern: mostly classical but I have a feeling a lot of it will date.

Comments on patterns: Divided into six chapters, the first is Cables; then Stipes and Multicolour; Gansey Stitch Patterns; Fair Isle and Sanquhar; Argyle and Lace Knitting.  The Content list also has pictures of the patterns numbered which is useful.  The Gansey Stitch with gusset heel; the Traditional shetland pattern socks; the over the knee lacy stockings and the argyle over-the-knee socks caught my eye but really didn't make me want to add them to my queue.  Many of them are knit in the flat.

Buy/Borrow: I'm glad I borrowed it first, this will not be added to my library at this time.

Where found:  Got via Borrowbooks from Longford Library.