Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Review of Knitter's Book of Wool

Knitter's Book of Wool

Dublin City Public Libraries 
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  The book starts with a tonne of information about wool and how it's processed to produce the yarn we know and many of us use.  It's interesting and informative and worth the admission price.  It expands quite considerably on the information in the Knitters Book of Yarn.

The patterns are almost an added bonus to the book.

They fall into four categories; Hats, Hands and Feet; Sweaters and Tops; Scarves, Shawls and Stoles and Home and Beyond.  Any patterns without designer attribution are by Clara Parkes

Hats, Hands and Feet
Hill Country Hat - a simple hat with an interesting twist. In a bulky-weight yarn.

Ficka Hat - fairly simple colourwork hat, a band of colourwork, sportweight yarn.  Designed by Shelia January
Sweet Fern Mitts - fingerless mitts with a cable, simple but effective.  Worsted weight yarn.
Risti Mittens - Colourwork mittens with colourful cuffs, designed by Nancy Bush. Fingering weight yarn.
Cabin Socks - lightweight yarn socks with a simple pattern.  Effective and quite beginner or conservative male friendly.
Windjammer Socks - a sock with nice cables and a little lace, designed by Jennifer Tepper Heverly.  In a fingering weight yarn.
Reversing Leaves Socks - a Cat Bordhi pattern with an interesting patterning in a fingering-weight yarn.

Sweaters and Tops
Bella Baby Ensemble - a wrap top for under 2-year-olds, quite sweet, designed by Sandi Rosner, knit in pieces and seamed.  Knit in sportweight yarn.  Also a Bonnet and Booties
The Three Bears Pullovers - designed by Sandi Rosner a set of family jumpers, children and women's jumper features a wide rib, man's jumper is knit plain.  Simple jumpers but well designed.
Comfy Cardigan - in a mediumweight yarn, worked side-to-side on the top and then down from the bodice.  Designed by Pam Allen.
Allegan Cardigan - ribs make this worsted-weight cardigan designed by Sandi Rosner with tapered ribs which make the yoke a feature.  Sleeves and body are worked first and then joined at the yoke
Leafy Glen Shell - has strategically placed lacework, designed by Ilga Leja in lightweight yarn, for me this would need carefully planned underwear, which might negate the airiness of the top.

Scarves, Shawls and Stoles
Nara Scarf - lightweight yarn lace scarf designed by Shelia January
Prairie Rose Lace Shawl - fingering weight shawl by Evelyn A Clark with diamond patterns.  Flower and leaf pattern.
Falling Waters Shawl - designed by Jane Cochran, knit in a lightweight yarn, this is miles of beautiful stole that is begging for a special yarn.
Tibetan Clouds Beaded Stole - fingering-weight yarn lacy shawl with beads, designed by Sivia Harding, knit from the centre and then out the side.
Lillia Hyrna Shawl - 2-ply laceweight yarn, triangular shawl with several motifs designed by Shelia January in two-colours.

Home and Beyond
Frida Pillow - by M. Diane Brown, knit in DK weight yarn, this is a colourful cushion.
Reflecting Pools Bag - knit in fingering-weight yarn, this is an interesting colourwork pattern with flowers and stripes.

The book closes with some advice on washing wool.

Overall the information on Wool itself attracts me more than most of the patterns, it's the shawls and the bag that attracted me most.

I got the book from Dublin City Public Libraries who offer me no inducement to do these other than paying my wage and giving me access to the books.