Monday, 28 May 2012

Crochet, crochet and more crochet

My right hand inflamed at the base of the thumb and I couldn't knit for a while, what to do? Crochet. This weekend had some beautiful weather where drying stuff outdoors was almost compulsory. So I have some finished items.  Pattern links are to Ravelry.

 I started with a Pax by the talented Aoibhe Nipax finished 

then I started a half-granny shawl... I got a little further than this start of half granny square
 but I can't find the second ball of Noro

 Then a chenille shawl
  chenille shawl

 Then I started into Argo, again by Aoibhe Ni
  one ball of noro
and the other ball of Noro can't be found (my house seems to eat noro!) there may have been some swearwords

 So then Venus another Aoibhe Ni Pattern

  venus blues

I stopped two sets of scallops before the pattern was supposed to end, I was running out of yarn and while I possibly could have finished up another round but the pattern ended that side.  This was the sky yesterday evening and I love the blue against the blue.  The clothes pegs we picked up in London at the Victoria and Albert Museum.


  1. Love the Venus, what a great photo!

    1. It took some twisting to get it right, I'm only sorry the sunshine wasn't further down the garden where I might have got more blue sky.