Saturday, 15 August 2015

Fitted Knits Review

Stephanie Japel - Fitted Knits

Dublin City Public Libraries

Now this one strikes me like French Girl Knits, the patterns are nice, not me but there are a few that would inspire me to play with them and create something else out of them that would work for me.  Being of a broad shouldered build round neck and boat neck tops don't work on me, I also end up distorting close round necks when I wear them because I spend a chunk of my wearing time tugging at them as they tend to be a wrong fit for me.  This book is mostly populated by patterns of this type.  I'm also broader at the hips (and stomach, yes I admit it) than the bust so long-ribbed jumpers do nothing for me.  She's also fond of horizontal elements that really don't add to my comfort. However this book is full of ideas that make me want to play with the designs and make my own.  I also ain't small and large sized yarn tends not to flatter either.  So maybe sometime in the future I will mesh with this style more than I do now.

This is not to say that this is a book with no redeeming factors.  There are plenty of patterns in this book that are quite good and the introduction about knitting for your build is excellent.

The patterns follow a similar aesthetic with horizontal and vertical elements created by different stitches and there's a lot of fitted styles here.  If you suit that sort of style there's a lot here for you.

It's a book with patterns for women, done from the top down with a lot of visual elements.

After some instructions on how to decide on a size and how to tweak the pattern for your own measurements the first chapter is Tubes, tanks and tees, the first pattern is a split-neckline cap-sleeved tee.  If I was making this for myself it would be a v-neck and I'd eliminate the side fastening, but then again this would change it completely.  Edged in a contrasting yarn this is a fitted tee.  Rated as simple.

Coquette Lace Tube Top, one for the braver than me.  This relies on the stretch of the Tencel/Cotton yarn for staying power, it does suggest single crochet chains for straps, or ribbon or leather lacing. Rated Medium.

Drop Stitch lace tank is a buttoned top with a drop stitch detail, careful choice of underwear needed with this one as it will be on display.  Described as very stretchy it suggests choosing a size 6" smaller than actual bust measurement. Rated Medium.

Spicy fitted v-neck tee is knitted in bulky weight yarn and has a lacy detail running from the neckline down the front and along the sides to the back. Rated medium

Crisp rectangle tunic top is worked side-to-side using short rows for shaping.  It's fastened at the top with buttons. Rated Medium

The next chapter is Shrugs, Cardigans and Wraps.

First up is a Two-tone ribbed shrug, rated simple. A fair bit of picking up of stitches is involved in this and the ribbed edging wraps around the shrug.

Bold and bulky mini-cardi is one that I really wouldn't knit for me, big yarn, big buttons, and it would stop in the wrong place for me.  However it's an interesting piece that would allow you to modify it if you wanted for length.  Rated medium.

Carie Cropped flared-sleeve cardigan, a empire line end point on this, again in a bulky yarn this one would be all sorts of bad on me.  Rated medium.

Cropped cardigan with leaf ties.  A scooped neckline for this one with picot edging this one doesn't appeal to me.

Airy wrap-around lace sweater - This is one I would like more photographs of, particulalry open.  Knit with large needles and a mohair yarn it has decorative cables below the elbows on the sleeves and a tie-front.  The diagram doesn't really tell you much about the actual construction of the garment, I don't think it would be a good look on me but it's an interesting idea.  Rated Challenge.

Puff-sleeved feminine cardigan, a variation on a theme here, the puff sleeves and high neck wouldn't make me want to knit it. Rated Challenge

Short-sleeved cardigan with ribbing. Look at the photo of this one, notice the way the last closed button on the bottom is pulling? if I was going to knit this I'd add some increases at the bottom to help this or go up another needle size for the last half of the rib.  Also I think the waist of this could do with being a little higher for the model. Your mileage may vary, I'd look at the elements of this and pick and choose where things sit.  Rated Medium.

I adore the look of the Elizabeth Bennett Cabled Cardigan, but not on me.  Sadly the photography missed out on the flare on the sleeves but I do like the slight flare in the hips.  Beautiful stuff, if I was going to knit it I would play with the neckline, but I'm not sure that that wouldn't ruin the look.  Rated Challenge.

The next chapter is Sweaters, vests and coats.

Back-to-School U-neck vest.  I like this one, then again I have a weakness for tank tops/vests/whatever you're calling it.  Worked from the hem up for a change. Rated Medium.

Perfect Periwinkle, a turtleneck sleeveless vest. This one has not for me written all over it, to start with I don't have shoulders that need displaying.  Rated Simple.

Keyhole-neck blouse with eyelet details. This is another no, apart from the neckline, the horizontal stripe at the bottom before the rib would fall on the widest part of my stomach, yeah, that would be flattering.  Rated Challenge.

Cozy v-neck pullover with deep ribbing.  Deep, yes, all the way from just above the waist to the bottom. Rated simple.

Boatneck Bluebell sweater, has flared sleeves and some underbust horizontal stripes with stripes at the bottom after some ribbing.  This is a lovely sweater but not my type.  Rated medium.

Textured tunic with side buttons, this one has buttons on the bottom to the side and a button on the side of the neck.  Horizontal stripes above and below the bust with textured knitting along the bust line.  This is an interesting garment, again I like it but the neckline is a problem for me and I'm not sure that I could fix it without ruining the look of the garment.  Rated Medium

Alexandra Ballerina top.  Knit in a bulky yarn this has cables running down the front and breaks up the variagated yarn nicely, the cable runs down the sleeve, though the photos don't really show it.  Rated Challenge.

Thick and thin cardian coat is an interesting use of a thick and thin yarn with contrasting edging and cuffs.  Rated medium

Long coat with chevron lace is pretty simple but the lace adds some interest, knit in a bulky yarn (9mm needles here) it's interesting and would be a quicker knit than most coats.  Rated medium

Dress-up clothes is the next chapter

First up is a skirt and jacket set, tweedy v-neck, that needs better photography, nice cardigan, I could see myself wearing it.  Rated medium.

Saturday in the park perfect dress is a dress with cables and a u-necked front, rated complex this is a nice knee-length dress. The cables wrap around the waist.

I had some frustration with the photographs, sometimes it looked like they were trying to cover up issues with the outfits or were aiming for more artistic than informative, but that's a personal gripe.  Overall not a bad book at all.