Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Name of Book: I Love Knitting
Author: Rachel Henderson
Any other info: Kyle Cathie, 2006, 1856266842

Types of patterns: Mostly Accessories.

Number of Patterns: Scarves: 4; Corsage: 2; Bowtie necklace:1; Bag: 5; Muff: 1; Hat: 1; Mittens(sleeveless) 1; Shoulderette: 1; Slippers: 1; laptop case: 1; Tea Cosy: 1; Wine Bottle Top: 1; Place Mat: 1; Glasses Case: 1; Dice: 1; Knitted cuff: 1; Pants/Knickers: 1

Split of patterns: mostly women, some men's patterns or unisex stuff thrown in

Size Range: One size for all

Colour/Black & White: colour pictures. Some Black and white charts.

Target Audience: Beginner to advanced beginner

How to knit guide: yes

Experimental/Classical/Modern: "hip" and "cool"

Comments: This book made me feel old and unhip. Most of the patterns were a bit blah and the missing information about the sizing of some of the bags was just uncool. Honestly for me there are much better patterns available online for free. I'm becoming a complete snob as well as I was seriously unimpressed with some of the sample knitting, obviously uneven and not blocked as well as I'd expect from a professional publication.

Buy/Borrow: Oh borrow this sucker first. If your local teen is enchanted, then buy but otherwise this is a bit of a waste, particularly if you're beyond beginner. I'd also have a sneaking suspicion that your local teen will grow out of it pretty quickly.

Where found: Dublin City Public Libraries.

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