Wednesday, 16 June 2010


I have no real idea when my subscription for the Knitting magazine runs out so I'm almost constantly surprised when it turns up. It's often a nice surprise. It arrived Monday and I brought it upstairs when I changed and part of the way through I let loose a snort/surprised noise, Mac was worried.

It was the More Stash than Cash article by Erika Knight....

A hanging basket liner pattern - not a bad thing.


DK or 4ply (used double) smooth and textured yarn

One ball of each is sufficient" (Sufficient!!)

"A= Rowan Q: Summer Tweed
B - Rowan Q : Cotton 4ply used double
C- Revive Q: revive DK
D - Rowan Q: Pima Cotton DK
E - Rowan Q: Cotton Glace
F - Rowan Q - DK Cotton
G - Rowan Q - DK
E - Rowan Q - DK Tweed"

Summer Tweed is about €7-8.50 and is a silk and cotton mix
DK Tweed is about €7.50 - merino wool, alpaca and viscose
4-ply cotton is discontinued - pure cotton
Revive is silk, cotton and rayon - €6.50 per ball
Pima Cotton - 100% cotton - between $4.95 and $9.95
Cotton Glace - 100% Cotton - $8.50
DK & DK cotton I'm not sure about, there are a number of yarns in this category in the Rowan Range, most Rowan yarns don't cost less than €5. I'm not sure that I would use these premium yarns for this purpose, instead of using something like a much cheaper cotton & acrylic or cotton yarn. What about Lang Cotton at €2.95 per 50g in the Yarn Room or maybe Cotton Viscose from Garnstudio from the Constant Knitter at €2.80 per hank, or Paris (100% cotton) from Garnstudio again from the constant knitter at €2.15... and these are just a few random samples I could find of fairly cheap cotton or cotton rich yarns.

I have, and I do have a few hanks of Rowan yarns, I won't be using them for this, I would be putting them aside for a while waiting for a project to justify them, particularly the fact that they're expensive yarns that even if I had only one or two of them I wouldn't be setting them up to rot under my plants. If I happen on premium yarns at a cheap price I wouldn't regard them as disposable like this. I would regard this as a lucky find that should be used when I could for something quite good rather than something minor.


  1. I thought it should have been called "more money than sense"

  2. O_o That is just...poor. I <3 my Revive, and no way would I use it like THAT.

  3. It took me a few days to work out how to word this, I was just so astounded at the lack of connection with the real world.

  4. That is really something... a basket liner worth that much? Seriously.

  5. Worsted Knitt yeah it's scary that someone would think of that as normal or not question that that would be a good idea.