Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Oddball Knitting

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Types of patterns: Garments
Number of Patterns: technically 21, though many are just size; pattern and gender changes; Jumper Men (3); Jumper Women (5); Jumper Child (3); Cardigan Men (3); Cardigan women (3); Cardigan Child (3)

Split of patterns: Men/women/children

Size Range: Women 95-115cm; Child 67-89cm; Men 110-130cm; 2 jumpers sized for 16/18 or 20/22

Colour/Black & White: Black and white graphs; colour photographs with added illustrations

Schematics: No

Target Audience: Intermediate, has a lot of colourwork

How to knit guide: Some basics but not a comprehensive guide, more for general work

Experimental/Classical/Modern: Most of the patterns are classic but there are two that are just plain horrible.

Comments: This is an interesting book, by using non-straight-line patterns to use up yarn, this would be a useful book to use for people with too much yarn and not enough patterns, though you might want to knit sections of the patterns for each piece in order to continue the patterns. The pattern repeats could be used in other garments to repeat the same concept on another garment. Possibly in combination with Budd's Handy book of Garments or Sweaters. Just ignore the last two patterns and the styling of the garments. By the fact that the lines are broken and not straight it's a better look than horizontal lines on most people. I'd also like to see the diamond pattern done in a variegated yarn in the centres. This one made me want to swatch up something and get rummaging in my yarn pile.

Buy/Borrow: It's one that I would buy if I could get one, but it's out of print and expensive on Amazon, thankfully Dublin City Public Libraries has a copy (or two)

Where found: Dublin City Public Libraries


  1. Woeful hairdos on the cover! :)
    Interesting concept though, and the pattern on the cover looks good. I'd say that would make a nice bag.

  2. yeah, I like the fact that it's not all straight stripes that really don't flatter many people! The patterns aren't hugely impressive but it's the idea it sparks that makes this one to look for.