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Baby Knits for Beginners review

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Types of patterns: Baby Patterns: Clothing & Accessories

Number of Patterns: 15

Split of patterns: scarf (2); Blanket (1); Sachet (1); Jumper (3); Hat (1); Cushion (1); Cardigan (4); Slippers (1); Dress (1); Socks (1)

Size Range: 3 months to 36 months for some but not all patterns

Colour/Black & White: Colour

Schematics: Surprisingly no.

Target Audience: Beginners

How to knit guide: Yes

Experimental/Classical/Modern: Classical

Comments: This book would be ideal for beginner knitters. Particularly someone who has decided to learn to knit because a family member (or they) are having a baby. The patterns range from very very simple (the Garter Stitch Scarf for example) to more complicated (the V-Necked Sweater with Pockets) but they're all pretty much within the grasp of a relatively new knitter (or a more experienced knitter looking for something quick and simple to make!). All of the patterns use her yarn (to be expected honestly)

The first pattern is the Garter stitch scarf, your basic, learning to knit scarf, but as it's for a baby, fortunately quick. Knit in Aran this uses one ball of her Cashmerino.

Garter Stitch Blanket would be a way of practicing sewing up, she does suggest turning every alternate square through right angles which adds interest to the piece. Knit in garter stitch this could also be a good piece to practice picking up and knitting on, if you wanted to, again knit in her cashmerino Aran.

Sachets: These could be made bigger or smaller and are intended for lavender or small notions. DK Cotton used here. Stocking stitch.

Boat Neck Sweater introduces some minor shaping but it's largely square, knit in Cashmerino Aran

Simple hat - a good practice for learning decreases, this is knit in the flat and seamed (changing it to in the round would be fairly simple, dk in cotton.

Cushions with Buttonholes is pretty simple and making first buttonholes in something like a cushion would mean minor mistakes would be easily glossed over. There are actually two cushions done in chunky yarn. One is in moss stitch, the other in a wide broken rib

Jacket with Moss Stitch Bands. the Button and buttonhole bands are done at the same time. Stitches do need to be picked up for the neck, but it's only a little amount. Knit in Baby cashmerino

V-Neck Cardigan with Contrast Ribs, the buttonbands are worked afterwards for this in a different colour. Stitches are picked up, knit in cotton DK

Moss Stitch shoes are baby booties worked in moss stitch. worked flat and sewn up later knit in wool/cotton

Sweater with Square Set-in Sleeves. This teaches how to work a set in sleeve. A plain and purl effect diamonds decorate it, knit in cotton Dk, I've knit this one myself and it worked quite well in a different DK yarn

Raglan cardigan with fully fashioned shaping. The decreases match along the side. Knit in DK yarn

Dress with eyelets is a sleeveless dress with eyelet detail around the waist knit in wool/cotton

Shawl Collared Jacket uses short rows for the collar, worked in Aran weight yarn

Two-needle socks are worked in the flat and then seamed, magic loop learning potential here! Uses Baby Cashmerino.

Scarf with Pocket - the original uses a contrast colour lining, which is a nice detail. Knit in Aran weight yarn.

V-Neck sweater with pockets is a baby cashmerino jumper with contrast edging.

Overall if you knit each piece as it came you would probably end up with quite a good grounding in knitting. Each piece adds to the skills learned, in a fairly linear manner and makes this quite a good beginners book. My only problem would be the issue with lack of schematics as this would be also a good time to teach someone about how schematics work.

Buy/Borrow: It would be useful if you knit a lot of things for babies. Fairly simple stuff that offers occasional details that make the garments more interesting.

Where found: This is part of a second buy of this book, the first buy got us one copy, there's now 8 copies in stock in Dublin City Council.

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