Sunday, 8 May 2011

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Impressions: This is a companion book to Co Spindoven's Celtic Charted Designs, while Co has more geometric shapes and abstracts this is animals.  Yes it's square designs would distort somewhat if knit (it's really designed for embroidery) it's still a good starting point for celtic animal designs should you want to use some.  It's charted in black and white so I'd photocopy from my copy and colour in the different colours to keep me on the right path.  I've used Co's book in a knit and purl pattern to some success.  If you wanted to use some celtica in a pattern you're doing yourself, if you were using them for commercial purposes you would have to get permission from the copyright holders.  This 48 page book is available quite cheaply and easily found in Easons.

Colour/Black & White: Black & White

Target Audience: Advanced users would get the most use out of this

How to knit guide: no

Experimental/Classical/Modern: experimental really

Buy/Borrow: At €E6.60 from Easons and €E4.21 from the Book Depository this is one you should buy if you're interested in using it.

Where found: Dublin City Public Libraries have copies and I have one of my own.

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