Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Animal Hats - review

Book Depository, Dublin City Public Libraries; Ravelry
Animal Hats - Vaness Mooncie

Knit in chunky yarns these are entertaining, not sure if I'd wear many of them, your mileage may vary.

There are two schools of thought with animal hats, that they only belong on young children or that they're fun for all ages, if you think of them as the latter, this is the book for you.

The hats are done in two sizes, children's and adults, all bar two (Pig and Cat) with ear-flaps and mostly in chunky or aran weight yarns so a pretty quick knit.

First up is Chicken - beak and cox-comb included

Frog has two big stuffed eyes

The Penguin has a bow tie and buttons to tie up the wings.

The Elephant has a trunk, ivory and big ears

The monkey is the typical sock monkey style

The pig doesn't have ear-flaps but does have a curly tail.

The fox and also called Professor of Cunning is intarsia work

The lion has a loopy mane

The Mouse uses a variety of yarns to create texture

The Rabbit has big floppy ears

The cat uses bouclé wool to create texture

The Dog has an eye patch and floppy ears can be worn buttoned up

The Koala has big pom-pom ears

The Panda has button eyes.

The Cow has horns and friesian markings

There are also suggestions for lining the hat with either fleece or a knit lining.

The book closes with some basic how-to's

Got a copy from Dublin City Public Libraries who pay my wages but aren't affiliated to my blog

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  1. Hmm, they're cute. But I'm with you, I can't see me or anyone I know wearing one outside.