Friday, 5 July 2013

Tunisian Crochet book review

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This is quite a good book on the topic of Tunisian Crochet with clear photographs about the methods and a lot of projects, it is one that I will seriously consider buying for myself.

It starts out with a basic crochet skills section and then a very clear section on the techniques of Tunisian Crochet with very clear photographs, there possibly should be a few very simple dishcloth patterns in here to gell the techniques but the projects following are quite interesting.

The first project is Chain Mail Scarf   using two strands of yarn held together and tunisian purl stitch throughout.

Wild and Woolly Wrap uses a thick and thin yarn and a bias style to create a wrap, an interesting blend of pattern and yarn

Honeycomb Skirt uses a cotton/viiscose yarn in a multicolour blend to create an interesting skirt.

Shimmer Shawl blends tunisian crochet and other techniques to create an interesting shawl that has open and more closed spaces.

Ivory Shell is a simple sleeveless top with a waist tie and a textured stitch

Ladders and Lattice Duster is an open cardigan with more open sleeves, the sleeves are worked from the top down.  It's an interesting piece

Felted clutch introduces felting to the mix.

Warmhearted vest is what folks this part of the pond would call a tank top, with a simple v-neck this looks knitted

Hug-a-licious Jumper is a girls overdress, gym slip style, sleeveless. Meant for small girls.

Big Sister Sweater is a jumper done in Tunisian Net Stitch, which looks very interesting.

Toben's Pillow is a simple tunisian simple stitch cushion

Sweet Dreams Baby Blanket is an interesting textured blanket

Frosted Stitch Afghan is another interesting use of stitches to create an interesting pattern

Have it both ways pillow is a cushion with two sides which are slightly different

Foam Follows Function Ottoman Cover uses a super bulky yarn used three strands at a time and a 22mm needle!

Mardi Gras Placemats uses different stitch patterns and colourwork to create a variety of mats, from simple to complicated.  Interesting work.

The book finishes up with the Yarn standards sizing and yarn weights guidelines and some resource information.

Overall a good book for people wanting to explore Tunisian Crochet more.  I would be tempted to buy it.

This book was obtained from South Dublin Public Libraries via Borrowbooks into Dublin City Public Libraries where I work.  Dublin City Public Libraries pay my wages but offer me no inducements to write these reviews.

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