Saturday, 30 October 2010

Knitting And Stitching Show

It's the weekend of the Knitting and Stitching show and I'm not there. The why is a little complicated.

For starters I'm broke, broke as a broke thing in Brokestown. It was not helped by my having to visit a doctor or pay out on medication, I mean, I'm not destitute but I don't have a lot of spare money

Secondly: last year I wasn't all that impressed and didn't really buy an awful lot, to pay a relatively high entry fee and then not find things I wanted to buy is kinda annoying.

Thirdly: I have kilometers of yarn to knit. My stash needs reduction not increase! This is the main reason to stay away.

Hope everyone who visited enjoyed themselves.


  1. I was blessed with spare cash and ideas on what I wanted this year, so I was able to go and managed to spend my entire budget! I'm pleased though, and also pretty certain I have two Christmas presents out of what I bought, even at my very low level of skill.