Sunday, 31 October 2010


Or my likes and dislikes.

Okay, I'm opinionated about what I like and dislike in pattern books, and sometimes I get a little sarky, this being said I do try to be as balanced as I can. I try to point out good points in books, and often when I re-read posts I try to clarify that maybe it wasn't that bad, that maybe it was an overwhelming ugh that got to me. There are some things that will always get to me.

Lack of detailed pictures. I'm am guaranteed to get a little snippy if the model is more in focus than the knitted object, it's also guaranteed to make me a little sceptical about the garment. Lack of front views when there's details there? Garment unworn, particularly if other garments in the book are worn? Collar covered by a scarf? Closure not clearly shown? Repeated photographs, just with a little more focus on a random portion, or the worst sin of all, repeated photograph flipped? Oh yeah, colour me sceptical.

Lack of Schematics that actually tell you something. If the details in the introduction piece tell me that the garment is x inches or cm long and the sleeves are y inches long, I don't see why your schematics shouldn't tell me more. Useful details often include depth of neckline, width of waist, depth to waist if you have a fitted waist, the details that can help a person change things for the better. Your pattern will never be perfect for everyone, live with it.

Repeating patterns within the same book with no more a significant change than yarn or colour.

Online patterns, go to our website to get this pattern often means a year later it's gone and I have no hope of getting it.

The words funky or edgy fill me with dread. They usually actually mean this is an unholy mess.

I have to admit to a dislike of fun fur and other novelty yarns of most sorts, particularly when they're used for a whole garment, writers who insist that this style suits all women and other such absolutes. I also admit to a certain impatience with books that don't include mm needle sizes, or at least a quick guide to mm, but thats a bit of a personal preference.

What do I like? Well written patterns that allow me to adapt them to my 40" chest, 5'1" stature, I like classically styled pieces with some slightly unusual or different quirks. Yarns that aren't difficult to source or extremely expensive. Books that also make me think or inspire me will get my vote.


  1. Totally agree about the words "funky" and "edgy"... "modern" is just as bad, too.

  2. @threadbear Modern can date so fast!!

    I also think that some books can cause me to start swearing, if the title talks about fitted knits and I don't really see anything about fitting, or Knits for all sizes and they stop with 36" chest or it can go on! The same goes for some crochet books.

  3. "Crochet That Fits" springs to mind. It's mostly hats and belts, sure. So silly!