Sunday, 17 July 2011

Working on versus in progress

I've been looking at my blog and playing a little with it. I do know that it's not the most exciting look but I prefer the background to the others offered.

One of the things I got rid of was the Blog Roll. I don't use it honestly and found myself a little upset recently when someone else didn't list me on their blog roll, so realised that I didn't list folks I read because they link to their blog posts on their twitter feed or I get them through the Irish Knitting Blogs list. So it's gone.

I also took a look at What's on my Needles and realised that while yes, those projects are technically not finished, and I do want to finish them there's something in the way. I think it was all precipitated by a project that I've been working on, the Roundabout Leaf Tank. I finished the main body yesterday and pulled it on.

Oh dear. It's too tight on the bottom, too loose at the top and I don't think that working on it any more will make it any better. I will rip it, but I'm holding on to it for the moment, I'm not through the mourning period for it yet.

What I am working on is Ivory, Copper & Gold; a cotton t-shirt in the same yarn as failed me before, I have a lot of this and will probably be able to finish it before needing to rip the Roundabout Leaf Tank.

I'm working on a pair of Eagle's Flight Socks for my husband, I wasn't sure how he would take them when I had got a little bit in, but he likes them, which is good.

I'm also occasionally working on Sagrantino Shawl these three form the bulk of my knitting these days.

I really have to get the zip into my pseudo-Biker Jacket but I have zip fear. I also have to add a lot of buttons onto my Purple Versatility and the sleeves need to be ripped out wholesale from the cardigan I've been working on.

What would be a good first moment would be to get some measurements of ME and use them to fix some pieces. That or bribe someone to do the finishing for me!

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  1. I like the sweater, nice pattern and should match your yarn perfectly.