Saturday, 24 September 2011


Listening to a podcast earlier today, if I remember correctly it was Just One More Row, they were talking about a month of casting on, where you would cast on a project every day of one month and I gasped and thought that it was a strange thing to do.

And then I thought about it again.

Maybe doing a swatch when you bring the yarn planned for a project the week you get it and casting on the project within a set number of days?  I tend to have issues finishing, buttons are my nemesis, so I'm thinking using a lure of allowing myself to cast on only if I sew on a few buttons on an almost finished item.

Why shouldn't I start a tonne of projects?  What is my problem?  Not enough yarn?  HAHAHAHAHAHA! Not enough needles? Not the issue.  Not enough project bags, nope, I have a glut of fabric bags due to Ireland's Plastic Bag tax. I'm starting to think that I should maybe have a project on the go for every category I have in my queue.

Is this madness?  Could this work?


  1. I know someone else who did this, and they took alsmost a year to finish everything. If it were me, I think I'd go slowly mad. Once I cast on a project I want it finished NOW. Patience is most definitely not a virtue of mine!

  2. See what it would allow me to do is knit while looking at planning another project, it sometimes takes me forever to pick one out to get started! I can spend 2 days of good knitting time dithering!