Thursday, 15 September 2011

Irish Patchwork


 Impressions: This is a book that accompanied an exhibition of Irish Patchwork. A useful place to start if you want to look at the traditions of Irish Patchwork. It's an interesting peek into times gone by. There were three main methods. Mosaic, Log Cabin and Applique. Applique seems to be in the majority. She defines Mosaic as small pieces of cloth sewn together, while log cabin is where strips are sewn to a square. This shows how some women took what they had available and made something out of it. Patchwork was never, apparently, seen as commercial so this was a domestic task only, so people made them as gifts or for themselves.

 Colour/Black & White: All colour 

 Target Audience: visitors to the exhibition 

 Comments on patterns: This would be useful if you're doing Log Cabin or other forms of pieced knitting, in making you look again at the concept and perhaps finding a different sequence you could take the piece in. The Cover map of Ireland is also interesting as a concept piece. 

 Buy/Borrow: I'd borrow, finding copies could be interesting as the exhibit was in 1979. I've seen copies pop up 

 Where found: Dublin City Public Libraries has copies in stock

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