Monday, 28 May 2012

Knitting Shawl FInish

I have another post with some crocheted finished items, but this is a knitting project, I'm back knitting!! With one skien of the Ruca multy, made from sugar cane, which feels so soft I reckoned it needed to be a shawl or scarf or something but it's only 240m, I found the pattern Triangle Scarf Bonus Pattern and got stuck in, today has had a chunk of knitting because I've been suffering from some minor food poisoning and it's been a nice distraction. I finished what the pattern suggested but I had plenty left so I did another set of the diamonds and again another set of squares. Now there's 4g left of the yarn which I think is close enough! In reality it's a bit more ice-cream coloured, but the sun is washing things out. triangle shawl

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