Saturday, 19 May 2012


I'm pretty certain that the link was via Twitter, someone pointing out a competition, they're pretty common, I enter if I'm eligible and if I like the prize and then largely forget about it.  A competition with Knitbot? There would be tonnes of entries, I'd never win.

And then I did!

I did a random trawl through the spam filter, clicking on a few to say no, these are not spam, to find one that shocked me, I had won!

So I provided my address, joked that I could provide one that had what could pass for a Postal Code (work is within the Dublin numbered areas), if the postal workers couldn't cope with Irish Addressing, and got back an email to say that all was well.  Less than a week later I got a parcel, yarn individually wrapped and the book begging me to start knitting.  And then my hand decided knitting was optional... I'm looking forward to playing with this yarn, eventually.

knitbot competition winnings

Don't you love how the stickers feature a chickadee and a lark? The yarns I got, I love the colours and the richness of the dye and they are so soft.  Now they may or may not be knit into things from the book, but there are a few patterns that will be knit.

The advice on working with drape in the book is quite interesting and I will use it for other things and adapting patterns.  Featherweight is the cover pattern and is begging to be knit!  Some day, after I finish up a few long-standing projects.

I'm hoping that this week, now that my hand has mostly recovered, that I can get back to knitting, I'm in the middle of some crochet at the moment and this last one should be finishable, this one I have all the yarn for in one place.  But that's for another post.


  1. Winnings! Ooh. love the yarn, I've been wanting to try that for ages.

  2. Ooooo, pretty! Congrats on the win!