Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My first design

After doing some of the crochet recently, I got interested in Tunisian Crochet and it's possibilities. Then I was asked for some Bunting for an event I'm attending later this year and I thought to myself that I could do it in Tunisian Crochet, I knew the basics from doing several of the shawls, like decreases, this wasn't going to be complicated. Surely someone would have done this? Not that I could find, so I decided to do it, and then I decided that I could write it and offer it for free. So I did several iterations, after ripping out several false starts.

tunisian bunting
to the left  was the first one. I didn't like the edges, it had ended up being quite stepped and the two sides didn't match.

bunting no 2Then I did the next one (the brown one) I wasn't really happy with the slip stitch edging, you could see some of the edging through it, but it wasn't bad, it was just not quite right.

Then I tried the green one
and when I was finished with it it was what I wanted.

tunisian knit stitch So then I made a few more.

  I even experimented with Tunisian knit stitch and the edges just didn't quite work either It might be the fact that this was the first time I had used that stitch.

helpful blues So now I have six and the pattern is available through Ravelry for free

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