Wednesday, 18 July 2012

This week's pretties and huh's

I'm going to start doing a new pretties and huh's hopefully weekly post.  I've been doing it on twitter occasionally but I think it would be nice to make the links a bit more permanent.

Pretties needs no explanation, huh's are those patterns that are not my aesthetic.  Your mileage may vary on both.  I'm going to try to explain what I like or dislike about it.


Raindrops, an apt pattern for the weather that's in it!  Love the water drops and thanks to the designer for permission to feature the picture

Rosewood Cardigan - now while this suffers from one of my pet hates, calling the pattern after the colour you designed it in, I love the way the cable twists around, it would be a great pattern for a tweedy yarn.

Chalet is another pattern with a lot of plain stocking stitch and some nice little details, yes I like v-necked cardigans, I find them more wearable for me.  I'm also a fan of pockets.  I'd be tempted to lengthen the body, or at least to see where it would hit and adapt if necessary to make it come down to the top of my legs.

I have a fondness for modular pieces and Taku looks interesting.

Vivika looks like my kind of winter jumper, not rounded neck, comfortable looking with multiple cables

I'm torn when it comes to heavier yarns in wools and fabrics that are more open for practical reasons, however I kinda like this one Sunray Medallion Tunic

Ivy - a scarf inspired by Art Nouveau ticks a few buttons for me, I'm a huge fan of Mucha and most Art Nouveau and this is a nice tribute to it.


Ruffled Sparks Clutch now I will admit that clutches aren't my thing, I like bags with shoulder straps, I don't like carrying things around (and my hands dislike it too) and ruffles make me twitch, so this just isn't my thing

I know owls are popular but this doesn't really appeal to me.  Give a Hoot Crochet Owl Hat oh man, not my idea of pretty.

Saturnalia should be my kind of thing, but there's something about it that just doesn't gel with me.  I keep looking at it and wondering.  I think it might be the band, tweaking it might make it work.

Now I like the actual garment but file this one under Photographs make a difference, Ombre Dyed sweater and also it feeds a minor pet hate, it's a cardigan, to me sweaters don't have an open front.

Nice Idea for a pattern, Woman's Sideways Cabled Cardigan but it's a bit too bulky, bulky yarn plus cables = huge bulk, it's not flattering if you have weight.

I am a fan of waistcoats, but this Lets Go Loopy Waistcoat made me shudder

I think I've done enough here for this go-around.

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