Wednesday, 27 March 2013

review of New Encyclopedia of Knitting Techniques

 New Encyclopedia of Knitting Techniques by Lesley Stanfield and Melody Griffiths.

 Inside the cover it states "a comprehensive visual guide to traditional and contemporary techniques" and I would be hard-pressed to disagree. There are no garment patterns in this book, this however is an excellent introduction to knitting and a comprehensive reference to most techniques for knitters. Illustrated with both diagrams and photographs. It's also described as a lightly updated edition of the best-selling "Encyclopedia of Knitting Techniques"

 Starting with the basics this book then goes into a variety of cast-ons, and a variety of techniques, along with advice on reading patterns and choosing patterns, though it does only show the threaded on method of adding beads. There is a section on design that's not comprehensive but good basics. The second part of the book is a stitch collection, along with most of these there are sample garments for inspiration. All of the stitch collection are charted as well as an explanation of how it works and how the fabric behaves with these patterns. They also provide a key to the patterns at the back, as well as a comprehensive index.

 This would be a good book for a beginner or intermediate knitter to expand their repertoire  More experienced knitters may also want it but it covers the same territory as a few others in the field. A good book, worth adding to your library as a reference if you need one, if I didn't have a comprehensive library of reference books I'd be buying this one to add to the collection. The only thing really missing is a bibliography or other recommended reading list.

 Obtained from Dublin City Public Libraries who pay me my wages but offer no inducement to write these.

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