Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Review: Cool Stuff: Teach me to Crochet

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Cool Stuff: Teach me to Crochet by Leisure Arts Originally published in 2002 and aimed at the Teen/Children audience.

The book opens with some very clear photographs of how to proceed with left-handed instructions.
They start with some Daisies after learning how to do chains and suggest some uses.  This is a fairly simple, nicely done.

 Next project is a loopy hair scrunchy. Simple and straightforward.

 Spiral coaster comes next which shows how to count stitches and using a stitch marker/

 Expanding from the Spiral coaster there's a soft drink cozy, all of these are worked with single crochet.

 Half double crochet is introduced and a Round Pillow project.

A Ruffled Hair Scrunchie helps to introduce double crochet.

A curlicue key chain helps expand skills.

 A striped scarf uses only the chain and single crochet and hides the ends with a fringe.

 A floppy hat is the next project, this introduces the importance of gauge.

 A dog's toy ball is next up, in different sizes.

A Cat's Toy fish is up next

 A cotton dishcloth starts small and increases.

 A CD Holder or small bag is next.

 A Ripple Lap Warmer is the last project

 There are some pages at the back with US vs UK terms and US hook sizes vs Metric. There are also some reminders about the stitches with some very clear photographs, again with clear left-handed instructions. The back cover of the book also features a ruler.

For a beginning kid this isn't a bad book at all, in fact it's not a bad book for many ages. Teens may find it a bit kiddish but overall it's a good gentle introduction to crochet.

 Obtained from Dublin City Public Libraries who pay me my wages but offer no inducement to write these.

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