Sunday, 15 March 2009

Harmony Guide Lace and eyelet stitches

Name of Book: The Harmony Guides: Lace & Eyelet Stitches: 250 Stitches to Knit(Uk Link)
US Link

Author - edited by Erika Knight
Any other info C&B crafts

Types of patterns: Lace and eyelet stitches

Number of Patterns: 250

Split of patterns: just stitches

Colour or Black & White Colour Stitches, Black & White techniques.

Target Audience: everything from easy to difficult

How to knit guide: Yup, done with sketches

Experimental/Classical/Modern - this is pretty classical stuff but it would encourage experimentation

Comments - the new edited harmony guide, some of the photos aren’t as clear as maybe I’d like but overall it’s pretty good, could be improved by being spiral bound, most patterns have a single page.

Buy/Borrow - if you’re interested in this stuff buy, if you’re looking for a one off borrow.

Where found: bought it in the book bargain shop opposite Easons on Abbey Street, they had it reduced to E10.99 so I couldn’t really resist.

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