Sunday, 15 March 2009

Name of Book : Knitty Gritty: Knitting for the Absolute Beginner(Uk Link)
US Link

Author : Aneeta Patel
Any other info - this is not to be confused with a book of the same name associated with the US TV series, this is an English production

Types of patterns: very, very basic, the ubiquitus Garter stitch scarf, Baby Booties (with some variations), hats, zig-zag scarf, baby or child cardigan, cable bag, lacy wrap, mittens, hot water bottle cover, necktie, fingerless wristwarmers, phone cover, “manly” scarf, girly scarf, little’n’large cushions.

Number of Patterns: 24

Split of patterns: Men/women/children a mix of all of the above

Size Range: baby/children’s cardigan is 3/6 months or 2-3 years, it’s the only real pattern that has sizes

Colour/Black & White: colour photos, quite clear to the guidelines

Schematics: yes

Target Audience: Rank Beginner

How to knit guide: well this is what the book is about

Pretty classical, but I can see it not aging well.

Comments: I’m trying to be nice but this is not the best of it’s type. The finished objects don’t look the best, in fact to me they don’t look very inspiring. It would be fine as a book for starting with but unlike some others of it’s type it wouldn’t be a book I’d add to my owned pile.

Buy/Borrow: I’d borrow, it does go through the basics but it’s not a book I’d keep.

Where found: Coming soon to the libraries

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