Sunday, 15 March 2009

Passion for Colour

Passion for Colour: Designer Knitting with Natural Dyes
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Passion for Colour by Sarah Burnett. I got it from Rathmines Library, part of Dublin City Libraries (yes I work for them, sometimes even I can be surprised what’s lurking on the shelves). Sarah Burnett still dyes yarn and can be found here but this book is a collection of advice on dyeing using natural dyes and patterns. The patterns are quite colourful and none of them really tempted me, there were some childrens’ wear that I could see would work but some of the patterns are too fussy, both in terms of colour and style for me (I’m not a frills person).

However what was good was the section in the front about dyeing. She has a lot of information there, which might appeal to some of the dyers around. Pretty practical and with helpful pictures (and warnings about the chemicals involved in some of the processes). She also has some nice illustrations of colour combinations and instructions on how to achieve them.

But boy are the patterns dated!

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