Saturday, 21 August 2010

Betty's Tee

With some changes
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Taken from Interweave Knits Spring 2010, the Darkest yarn is from Jenners in Edinburgh, the two pink blocks were from a sale in This is Knit and the rest from The Yarn Room.

Base Blocks took all bar 2g of the 1st hank of yarn
Body Blocks took almost a full hank of yarn each (all bar 3.5g each approx.)

I filled in the back using the oats colourway up to the reverse stocking stitch portion on the shoulders k2tog or p2 depending on the patterning each end of the row. I tried a variant that was in an email from Interweave knits but it was too big. I did a rib edging along the neck that was 6 rows long with a mitered centre. I also used the oats colourway for the sleeve and bottom edging. If I was doing it again I would crochet along the edges instead of picking up and knitting one row before casting off.

I like how my variant shows the construction. I wore it to last weeks Fiber Fun Friday(1) and the wonderful Elven too a photo of me. Man my hair is a mess.

(1) can be seen here under Fridays


  1. I like the colours together! It looks nice and comfy, something you'll get lots of wear from.

  2. I do like it, it is comfy and a blend of silk and cotton is a nice luxury.