Friday, 20 August 2010

Podcasts - not all knitting content

All podcasts are divided into several portions.

First are those which have lapsed and are no longer available. Sometimes you get a lot of noise about these but these things happen, for a variety of reasons.

Second are those who are incompatable with my player, I have a Nokia N63 which is what I use, it enables me to subscribe to podcasts which is quite convenient and I can download the episodes using wireless and this is an excellent thing. Can't play on this? Sorry I'm not listening. Associated with this are podcasts that can only be accessed through the apple store, sorry, not going there. I could probably play around with several of these and import them through my computer but life is way too short!

Last are those that can be used with my player. These are the only podcasts I'm going to review. Some I've been able to play one or two episodes of and then nothing more, alas.

These podcasts can be divided into two. Knitting and non-knitting. Why yes, I listen to a few non-knitting podcasts.

They also divide down into podcasts that are under 30 minutes, 30 minutes to 1 hour, and then over 1 hour, this is something I don't see often enough in the information about the podcasts on my screen so I have done a spreadsheet that I've filled an average length in (why yes sometimes I get too organised!) The lengths are a bit random, based on a few episodes and this can vary widely

So now for the list - this was typed up about 3 weeks ago and some have changed since but I just wanted to get this up and done. I plan to do some review of some of the podcasts following an old, new and non-knitting format. For reference Knitting Podcast is quite useful for tracking current podcasts.

Current - Knitting

under 30 minutes

Caithness Craft Collective - 20 minutes
Cloudy with a chance of Fiber - 25 minutes
Here's to ewe - 15 minutes
It's a purl man - 24 minutes
Knit a Journey - 25 minutes
Knit Picks Podcast - 22 minutes
Knit Wit - 15 minutes
Knitters Wading Pool - 25 minutes
Ready Set Knit - 28 minutes
Sidders Knit - 20 minutes
Sweaters for Dragons - 15 minutes

30-59 minutes
Brass Needles
Belle of the Ball - 35 minutes
Cast On
Crafty Lit - 40 minutes
Fiber beat - 30 minutes
Doubleknit - 50 minutes
Electric Sheep - 35 minutes
Knit Cast - 35 minutes
Knit Obsession - 46 minutes
Knit Pod - 40 minutes
Knitting History
Knitting Rose - 35 minutes
Must Stash Yo - 53 minutes
Manic Purl - 35 minutes
Never Not Knitting - 38 minutes
She Knits - 30 minutes
Spin control - 30 minutes
Stash and Burn - 53 minutes
Sticks & Strings - 35 minutes
Savvy Girls - 53 Minutes
Sassy Pants Knitter - 30 minutes
Yarns from the Plain - 35 minutes
Yarnspinners tales - 35 minutes
Yarnthing - 35 minutes
Lixie Knits - 33 minutes

60 plus minutes
Avocado Knits - 60 minutes
Craft Culture - 60 minutes (note this is in stereo)
Crafternoon tea with Granny G - 120 minutes
Craft sanity - 75 minutes
Knit Misadventures - 70 minutes - varies
Stitch It - 73 minutes (appears to be an issue with the page at this time)

Current - Non-Knitting

under 30 minutes
Coopette - 6 minutes (gone on Haitus since July 2010)
A History of the world in 100 objects - 20 minutes
Celiac Disease - 10 minutes
Harmonias Early Music - 5 minutes
History of Rome - note some episodes loaded on my device out of sequence - 16 minutes
Savage Love - 25 minutes

30-59 minutes
Coverville - 50 minutes - music covers
A Way with Words - 50 minutes - words and wordplay
RTE Playback - 45 minutes - Weekly broadcast where get the funniest and most newsworthy, or newsquoted stuff in Ireland are replayed, a good intro to modern Ireland
Slice of Sci-Fi - varies - I don't recommend listening to this where you can't laugh, I often cry with laughter with this show, particularly as I'm a geek, also be aware that it's an adult show and occasionally you won't want kids to listen, unless you want to explain some stuff.

60 plus minutes
Renaissance Festival Podcast - 60 minutes - music heavy
Secret World Chronicle - 72 minutes - one of my favourite authors does a podcast novel
Signal - 60 minutes - Can't Stop the Signal (and if you understand that you'll know what it's about)
Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword - a dwarf detective in 1920's US.
Babylon Podcast - you all knew I was a geek, right?
Metamor City Podcast - a series of stories set in a kinda fantasy world with some tech. I like.

Podfaded, loosely defined as over 150 days since the last episode. However there are still episodes available.

under 30 minutes

Justify your Pod - 10 minutes
Bean Knits and Spins
Gives Good Knit - 20 minutes
Just Linda Online - 15 minutes
Knit Science - 24 minutes
Knitting Time together - 25 minutes
Knitting at Night - 20 minutes
Medieval Podcast - only 5 episodes and they're about 15 minutes each
Pixie Purls - 20 minutes
Purl Diving - 11 minutes
Socks in the City - 27 minutes
Stephen Fry's Podgrams - 25 minutes
Stitch Stud - 26 minutes
Whiskers in a twisted stitch - 25 minutes
Y Knit - 27 minutes

30-59 minutes
Brown Eyed Mom - 35 minutes
Crafty Woman - 30 minutes
Film and Fiber - 30 minutes
Knitters Uncensored - 45 minutes
Knitty Noras Knitting Natter - 43 minutes
Miss Flip Knits - 52 minutes
Trueyarns - 32 minutes Geeksguide - 58 minutes - recent but cancellation announced
Tor dot stories - 50 minutes- recent but cancellation announced

60 plus minutes
High Fiber Diet - 70 minutes
Pointy Sticks - 75 minutes
RTE Lyric FM Best of - varies but about 90 minutes
Squeakys Stuff - 60 minutes


Math 4 Knitters has moved to a site I can't use but has a fair number of online episodes
Yarncraft has had a format change and I can't use the new format

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  1. What a great list! I'm definitely going to make use of this as the world of podcasts confuses me, there are so many. *Bookmarking* :D