Thursday, 5 August 2010

Newish Finished Object

I finally got around to actually taking the photograph off my camera and now I'm posting about it!

So the lovely Debbie (my other sister-in-law) gave me a voucher for my birthday and I decided to knit Siesta Source(1) by Cork Based Carol Feller but I felt I needed to make some changes (apart from the incidental turning the pattern updside down and getting the decreases along the body the wrong way around, but consistently the wrong way around!)

Sierra top

I lengthened the body overall splitting it after the last set of increases and also added some extra to the sleeves with the cable along the edge of the sleeves and the edge of the split. I started when I was doing the last set of increases by doing two rows of p1 either side of the side markers and then p2, then k1p2, k2p2, k3p2, k4p2 and then splitting into two and doing the same cable as in the neck. When I got to a length I was happy with I then cast off using a loose cast off. The sleeves I knit 7 rows (could have possibly knit 9-10 actually as I was left with 6g of yarn at the end and there was about 1g per round) and then cast on 6 stitches and repeated the cable edging, p2 tog at the end of every second row and then sl1 k1 p4 every return row. I'm very happy with it.

(1) I had some problems printing on A4 with it, I ended up having to print in landscape to get all the details, I think the website is formatted for US Letter.

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