Monday, 1 November 2010

Mental Health Knitting

I've been working on some complicated pieces recently and decided I needed something easy, simple, quick. I'm off sick at the moment and my current projects are going very sloooooooly. Also when I'm ill I tend to be a little scattered, antibiotics do not help me to be completely compos mentis. (thank you Firefox for the spellcheck that's saving my blushes)

I decided first that I'd try to knit a waistcoat or tank top, in the US both seem to be termed vests, a term that doesn't distinguish enough about the two types of garment. Entertainingly Vest is an older term while waistcoat is newer. Another example of UK/Irish English and American English being divided by more than an ocean. It even goes deeper, as tanks in the US can be tops on their own, while in my mind a tank top is a closed waistcoat, often with a deep U or V neck. A vest to me is a garment you wear under a blouse, shirt or t-shirt as a warming layer.

I found a yarn I wanted to knit in and a pattern I liked and cast on, an realised that the yarn and the pattern were maybe a missmatch.
The yarn is proving to be a bit splitty and not helping my antibiotics addled brain. So I'm not sure if I should stop and try again when I come off or abandon this pattern with this yarn. I'm not sure it's crisp enough for the pattern.

So I decided that it would be a good thing to do some simple projects, to somewhat cleanse the palette and to make me feel a bit productive.
So I took some of the yarn from the socks I just finished and made this
Coffee Cozy 1 this is the Cabled Coffee Cuff (Ravelry Link)

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  1. Nice coffee cosy, even the colour looks like it will keep the cup warm.
    I see what you mean about the yarn above alright, maybe it's not crisp enough for the pattern and if it's splitty then that's another point against it. I hope you get well soon. I'd say do something easy instead and look at it again when you're off the antibiotics. I'm horribly sensitive to them too and they can make you all woozy and silly. So some easy knitting might be called for!