Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Coffee Press Quest

I got me a new coffee press from Lidl and thought idly of making a coffee press cover, so that in times like this, I could make a batch and drink it over several hours.

Now I have to wonder about these (ravelry Link, login required) now yes, I'm searching for a french press cosy, but several of these lack something in the practicality aspect.
Lets' eliminate the Fleur de Lys "cozy"; scarves belong on people not as useful beverage warming items, I'd say the spillage aspect for this one is high. I could imagine it would be easy to put down on the trailing edges of this scarf. Very "Tish" making, shattered glass mixed with coffee is not a good beverage.
In my mind a French press cosy should have a number of useful aspects, the ability to keep pot warm while brewing, so the ones with the top with no space for the press mechanism are out immediately, vide: Midnightsky's Ribbed French Press Cozy and the felted press cozy; and the Oo la la French press cozy, no matter how pretty and the felted eggplant cozy.
Spout space is also good, along with handle space, eliminating the cozy by Adrian Bazilla.
Heat rises, and maximising coverage is good. Thus eliminating the ones by Lynne Anne Banks, Gillie Parsons; Jen Price; and Jane D
Larissa Brown's one is cute but lacing the damned thing up in a half-awake state? No!
There's fluffy yarn involved in this one

I think I need to go make myself a cup of coffee and swear a little before doing anything else. I may have to design something myself. Looking at some of the ones charging for their designs, I have no qualm about charging if I do design something!

Gods but theres a space for a well-designed caffietiere cozy. The project pages are also a "how not to shoot" an item. There's a few with no action shots, or where you can't see the full caffietiere.


  1. It's a dilemma alright. I definitely would end up with hot coffee all over me if I used that Fleur de lis cosy. And you're right about the ones where the cosy goes over the top of the press, they're not ideal either. There's a nice pattern in the new Knitter magazine, it's a fair isle cosy that covers most of the press but doesn't cover the top and buttons up.
    I hope you're successful in your quest.

  2. I'm not sure if I'm still subscribed to the Knitter, we'll have to see if it arrives over the next few weeks. If not I may have to check a copy out and see if it will work. Otherwise I may have to design my own. Two colour sounds sensible for the padding and insulating property, or possibly try double knitting.