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Tweed by Nancy J. Thomas

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Types of patterns: mostly garments with some accessories and two throws.

Number of Patterns: Hat (3); Scarf (4); Bag (2); pullover (4); Cushion (1); Waistcoat (2); Cardigan (3); Jacket (2); throw (2)

Split of patterns: men, women and unisex patterns

Size Range: women 34-54" (86-137cm) men 37.5-52.5" (95-133.5cm)

Colour/Black & White: Plenty of colour photos, black and white charts with colour highlights.

Schematics: for the garments

Target Audience: Chapters divided into Beginners, Advanced Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

How to knit guide: Not really, a discussion of tweed yarns and most of the information comes from a spinner in Kilcar. There's also a brief piece on some tweed suitable patterns.

Experimental/Classical/Modern: Classical with some modern twists.

Comments: While the listed yarns aren't readily available in Ireland the yarn is spun in Donegal in Kilcar, so careful substitution should be possible with Irish available yarns. There is an interesting article about Tweed yarn,

From the Beginners Chapter:

North Sea Hat & Scarf Set the scarf is in a double broken rib and the hat can be knit flat or in the round. Each end of the scarf has contrast colours and the hat has three broad stripes of colour too. This is a good beginners piece. Knit in a Superbulky weight yarn.

Lichen Ribbed Garter Scarf - knit in an aran weight yarn with a random stripe this has wide ends and ribbed middle, calls for 100g of the yarn and as most of the visible part is garter stitch this could be useful for busy yarns.

Kilt Knitting Bag
a bag using 1 skein (or less) for each colour this could be useful for aran weight pure wool leftovers, it has a bit pocket on the front, uses webbing for the strap but old belts could be also useful.

Highlands felted bag and Beret - using a bulky pure wool this has an stylised almost paisley pattern on the bag and dots on the hat, the patterning is appliqued after knitting.

Gaelic Hat - big stocking hat, knit in bulky yarn, with a big pom-pom this is kinda rasta style.

Tweed River Pullover A pretty basic, knit in bulky yarn, jumper with a round neck. The original yarn is quite busy. Pretty unisex pattern, though most men would probably like a little more length.

Advanced Beginners Chapter

Coastal Cabled Scarf Moss stitch on the edges and a plaited cable down the middle, knit in a bulky yarn.

Kilcar Felted Pillow - this takes a Kilim style pattern and puts it in the centre of the piece, this would be a good introduction to inartasia, most mistakes would be ironed out with the felting. Knit in Aran weight yarn, again one skien of most colours it might be good for leftovers, two of the colours use very little of the yarn.

Carrick PulloverA ribbed jumper with a roll neck knit in a bulky yarn, this is again a unisex pattern. Length should possibly be revised for most as it comes just to mid-stomach on the model.

Stornaway Vest
the rib of this is in a different colour and the body in another, the edging is also in another colour. It's knit in an Aran weight yarn. (and yes, I just added this pattern to Ravelry as I'm knitting it on commission for an aunt. I'm knitting it in one colour)

Galway Tie-Front Cardigan Knit in an aran weight yarn, this is a v-necked cardigan that I hope to knit some day with buttons or toggle closure instead of ties. The sleeves are knit in a slightly different shade to the body but I didn't notice until I was reading the promo. It also has pockets.

Intermedite Knitter Chapter

Moss Cabled Cardigan The moss is in reference to the colour this was knit in rather than the stitch. Knit in aran weight yarn this attracted some commentary at the Fiber Fun Friday because the rib looks a bit wrong. Possibly needs picking up fewer stitches for a less gathered look. A button front cardigan that has a high neck.

Scottish Isles Pullover a collared jumper knit in Aran weight yarn with shaping and cables, this is a fairly classic piece.

Ulst Mitered Scarf Knit in Aran yarn this again uses 1 ball of five colours for a fairly large scarf that's almost a stole.

Dublin Cabled Vest interesting cabled v-necked waistcoat this would probably suit a woman with a bit of shaping added, which should probably be easy enough after the lower set of cables.

Harris-Style Sampler Cardigan - with a mixture of stitches and horizontal colours in Aran weight yarn, along with fringing along the buttonband this doesn't appeal, I would like to see it without fringing and in a single colour.

Advanced Knitter Chapter

Isle of Skye Jacket an oversized jacket knit with a complex cable (it's 26 rows long) it's pretty unisex, knit in an aran weight yarn.

Chanel Style Tweed Jacket - knit in an aran weight yarn with the body in a slipstitch pattern and with contrast edging along the bottom, edges, pockets and cuffs, this is very dependent on careful colour choice.

Northern Ireland Peplum Pullover there was some disagreement about the bottom of this one, it might not be flattering to all. Knit in Aran weight yarn with some nice detailing around the neck but the photograph has hair in the way of a lot of the detail.

Outer Hebredies Sampler Throw - a sampler with 8 different single skeins of aran weight yarn, this could have more or less colours worked into it, it's worked in number of blocks and stripes.

Lake District Throw - Five skiens of one aran weight yarn and 1 skein of 17 more colours, this is a complex piece with a lot of flowers.

Overall not a bad book with a variety of uses of tweed style yarns without being too twee.

Buy/Borrow: the Libraries got copies and based on my viewing of it I bought my own copy, there are some pieces that I would be inclined to adapt a little but a few that I liked on first look.

Where found: I originally borrowed a copy from Dublin City Public Libraries.

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