Sunday, 1 January 2012

Colour Trends

Every year a set of colour trends are published.  Interweave links to it and on a knitting list someone linked to it, thinking that people would be interested.  And they came in for a hailstorm of criticism and people talking about other people being sheepish.

And I wondered what they were thinking.  I mean, I largely ignore the colours of the season.  Criticising people for wanting to know or wanting to work with the colours of the season ignores the reality of the market.  I usually look at what's available and try to see if it's a colour I like or a neutral that would compliment what I like. Then I buy a few items in colours I like, clothing gets rotated out of my wardrobe when they're too stained, aged, worn, torn etc. not because they aren't fashionable.  There are a few which should probably be got rid of but I'm not bothered, stuff comes in and out of fashion.  Occasionally what I wear coincides with fashion but I'm honestly not bothered.

That orange that's the colour of the year would be bad on me.  The '70's Appliance' range only has one colour I'd touch with a bargepole, the almond colour, still it's marginal.

Now the 'Layered neutrals' do represent a chunk of my wardrobe, I'm now looking forward to more dark brown trousers, also that dark reddish brown (or that's what I see on my monitor) looks like it could have potential.  The oatmeal and tans will be nice neutral tops.

The Pastels have two that might work as neutrals in my wardrobe, the blush pink and duck's egg blue, which I would expect to have some green undertones could be an interesting shade.

Lastly the graphic black and white, nope, not touching this, my skin tone doesn't work with black and white.

So I let the colours guide me when I'm shopping, I use it when I'm hunting for something, informing me about what's around, what I could hope to find to go with other things.  If I fish in the stash for colours what I have a hope of getting contrasts for, yeah, many companies don't really change their colour palette but some follow these trends closely and that's what you can expect from some of these companies.  Also some vendors also follow these trends and only really stock these colours, or colours that compliment this range.  It's business and it's how things go.

So no, I don't let the year's colours dictate to me how or what I dress in that year but it does inform me of colours to watch for or to think about and also to consider when the sales come around.


  1. I can't say there's a whole heap of those colours I'd wear. Maybe it's the Irish complexion, but I can't see myself in Tangerine Tango or the Avocado! Happy New Year!

  2. It was funny when I read the post originally at home, my sister was talking about her avocado bathroom suite and trying to find a toilet seat. Personally I go with what suits and work around what I like.

  3. This is an interesting post Deirdre. One of the joys of my thirties has been learning and accepting what colours suit me and looking back at old photos I wish I had learned this years ago! Fashion is of less and less importance to me although I take a passing interest. Personal style and learning what suits my figure and colouring is much more exciting.

  4. Thanks, it can be hard to work out what flatters and for me it's an ongoing project. I often have to come to terms with the fact that some things I like theoretically but practically they're wrong for me.