Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Soccupied Spring 2012

So being an eejit I forgot to check my login for Interweave to find that there were more magazines I could download and review (for free!) so the next few posts are going to include a fair number of these to play catchup.  I'm going to do these in reverse availability, starting with the newest and working my way to the oldest.

Impressions: Like the previous eMags you look at the number of pages and you start thinking that maybe you're not getting value for money, but as you scroll through you realise that many of the pages scroll down.  For 6 socks and a lot of info and videos and techniques it's actually quite good.

The magazine starts with some photographs of socks around the US. Then we have some supply favourites from Joanna Johnson, the cat with yarn ball measuring tape is cute and I want to try hiya hiya needles, she's not the first person to recommend them.
Next up is some yarn reviews, well photographed with the same lace pattern on each.
The war between toe up and cuff down is discussed.  Something I have to admit my only stance is that everyone should try at least one of each and that while I prefer cuff down other people's mileage may vary.  This is basically an ad for Donna Druchanas class on Craftsy.

Next up we have how to adapt a short-row heal to make it a bit deeper, followed by (a)symmetry socks using this technique.
Donna Druchunas looks into some Balkan socks that were the legacy of Edith Durham, a Victorian traveller who collected textiles during her travels. Kilmeni  socks are inspired by Albanian inner socks.  The Frost Flower Stockings are lacy socks that go up to the thigh and are fastened by ribbons
A variety of cast-ons for toe-up socks are explored with videos on how to do them
The Leapfrog socks are suitable for either coloured or plain yarns
An interview with Cat Bordhi is followed by a toe-up or cuff down sock Flutterby Socks designed by her.
Our Paths cross socks are a toe-up pair of socks
Some sock knitting poetry from some readers finishes the magazine

Types of patterns: socks

Colour/Black and White: lots of colour

Schematics: no

Target Audience: Intermediate to advanced knitters

How to knit guide: No

Experimental/Classical/Modern: Fairly classical.

Comments on patterns:
(a)symmetry socks - using the naive gusset Kate Atherley plays with cables and unusual movement

Kilmeni Socks - toe-up socks inspired by the inner socks worn by Albanian men  Designed by Donna Druchunas.

Frost Feather Stockings - thigh high socks designed by Deborah Newton inspired by wedding stocking ideas.  Starting from the top and fastened by ribbons

Leapfrog Socks are designed by Debbie O'Neill, a pair of socks that are designed to work with both plain and handpainted yarns.

Flutterby Socks- either toe-up or cuff-down socks with a slip-stitch pattern a Cat Bordhi pattern.

Our Paths Cross Socks - a toe up sock with carried strands of yarn to create ribbons of colour by Lorilee Beltman

My verdict: I would have been quite tempted to buy it if I didn't get it for free.  There's a lot of information here and it's interesting reading.

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