Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Bags of Bags

Bunch of bags

Now this isn't a knitting post, but it's a record post, these four bags are the most used bags I have.  If I was to knit a bag it should fall into one of these sizes as I have more bags but they don't get used as much as these sizes.

Starting with the Biggest
Big bag exterior
It's solid leather, tooled and I got it for a little bit cheaper because it has a minor cut on the top, I think it's the most expensive bag I own, however it's also mostly waterproof, and it can hold my knitting socks bag, a book, my purse and wallet.  Perfect if I'm planning to go into town and to do some shopping by bus.
Bag Back
Big bag back
It's 30 cm (just under 12") across the back, approximately 32cm (12.5") from bottom to top back, 30cm front(12"), sides are 11cm (just over 4") the front pocket is 22cm (8.5") 4.5cm (just under 2") deep and 20cm (just under 8") high.  Interior measurements are 28cm (11") wide, 29" High and approx 9cm (3.5") deep, it weighs 1.2kg.  The open pocket across the back is great for leaflets or maps when on holidays.

The Swedish bag was bought on holidays in Stockholm, the small bag I was carrying at the time couldn't handle all the other stuff I kept being handed.  So I bought a bag, Fowadi Brand (whose domain seems to be up for sale) somewhere in the streets as we were walking around.
Swedish bag exterior
There's a open front pocket (great again for maps and guidebooks) with a magnetic clasp, a back pocket with a zip and a center zipped pocket.  You can see the pockets to a degree in this picture Swedish bag pockets there are some pen loops, a mobile phone pocket and a zipped small pocket inside.  The strap is plenty long to go across my body.
29cm (11.5") wide at base 32cm at top, the strap is just under 2.5cm or 1" wide and the body of the bag is about the same, It has a reinforced base that's 9cm (3.5") wide

Next up is my Ness Bag (and yes I have a matching hat, visible in the top picture) Ness bag It has no exterior pockets, a small interior pocket, fastens by a zip. It has a comfortably wide strap and is about the same size as the Swedish bag.  It's a little shorter at 25cm (10"). I picked it up on holidays in Edinburgh, sadly they had no clothing that could fit me.

The last is my small utility bag Small bag exterior it fits my phone, my purse, my keys and in an almost hidden interior pocket it regularly holds my passport while on holidays, this one needs some professional attention as one of the leather loops is starting to give, though the interior is also starting to show wear visible here Small bag interior
it's 15.5cm (just over 6") 20cm (8") high 6cm deep (just over 2") the front pocket is 10.5cm (just over 4") 15cm (just under 6") high and 4cm (just over 1.5") deep the strap is 1cm wide and the bag fits quite comfortably across my body, I've also carried it under a coat when I thought I needed to hide my bag. I've brought it to several countries and many airports have allowed me to carry it separate to my single carry-on, but if I have to put it in a bag it does collapse quite flat.

These are just 4 of my bags but these are the four I reach for on a regular basis.


  1. Wow, I just love the first tooled leather bag, it's perfection isn't it? Your leather bags are amazing, you can tell they are one of a kind and not the usual run of the mill, kind of what I was looking for :)

    1. Thanks, they've lasted me ages, I have to admit that there are some bags I have that I honestly never use and should probably get rid of.