Monday, 6 February 2012

Colorways Summer 2011

Let me preface this with some caveats.
I am not a dyer, I'm a knitter and really, I don't want to become too interested in dyeing because I have enough hobbies at the moment and dyeing isn't one I want to get into.
I didn't spend any money on this, Interweave sent it to me and asked me to review it.
Having read and enjoyed Entreknits I was fairly neutral about it, but a bit reluctant because it is somewhat out of my field but I thought I'd take a look anyway.
Again, because my primary machine is Ubuntu, I was looking at this on the netbook, the screen isn't too big but it was an interesting read, something I wasn't unhappy to read, the kind of thing that if I'd read it from the library but wouldn't put it on my wishlist.

The opening always makes me smile where it shows a stone rolling pin style grinder going across a stone grinding plate.
Then it talks about getting colour from Cochineal.
The Natural Colours of Oaxaca where a weaver explores his weaving heritage.
Next colour variety of Cotton, it doesn't just come in white you know!
Michele Wipplinger talks about global colour.
Kakishibu is a Japanese Dyeing technique that's kinda interesting and has a lot of variety and variations.  One for someone interested in playing with light and colour.
An excerpt from EcoColour talks about printing with plants.
A Verb for Keeping Warm talks about their techniques and philisophy.
Then there's some discussion about global aid via fabric.
A review of a mud-dyeing kit and some book reviews and suggestions
Lastly a song about dyeing.

It's a magazine for someone interested in dyeing and in investigating it.  A magazine I'd read in a friend's house but not really something I'd purchase for myself.

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