Thursday, 16 February 2012

Kirstie Allsopp's Craft

 Impressions: It's a pretty book, nicely styled. The crafts require a lot of variety of skills, from very basic to more complex.
 There's one knitting project, bubble coasters designed by Suzie Johnson, worked in stocking stitch and then with an applied edging with tapered corners that are sewn afterwards (um, not my type of thing) but good practice for getting your seaming in garter stitch right.
There's also a quick piece on natural dyeing.
A lot of the projects aren't bad but some of the outlay could be a bit much to dip your toe in (rose oil in her perfume is quite expensive if you get the pure stuff). It's an interesting mixed bag for someone looking to try out crafts.

 Buy/Borrow: I borrowed this from the library and to be honest I won't be buying it, the only things I was interested in are already in my library in other books. The book does have a list of contributors and a suppliers list but lacks some suggested reading.

 Where found: Dublin City Public Libraries has copies.

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