Saturday, 10 March 2012

I made myself some promises this year, to knit things that suited me and to try to ensure that I examined things while I knit them to ensure that they're actually good for me.  And then I spent the last two months doing a fair amount of knitting, so this is going to be a long post.


Bramblewood nearly finishedBramblewood Vest

Noro top

Noro V-Necked top, which I may have to make into a pattern

Raindrop cowl
 Turquoise  Drip-Drop cowl

Dented Cowl below as a test knit for the designer.

matching dented hat, which was a riff on the original
Double sided
Inspired by the strip


I joined a monthly dishcloth along and these are the January

Two more dishcloths
and February cloths

Big Damn Washcloth I also knit the Big Damn Washcloth


Almost identical! Accidentally the Par 5 Socks for Mac

Waves socks for Mac Thanks socks also for Mac

Other stuff
Serenity blanket

The Serenity Blanket got finished it now needs blocking.

 A friend left work and I made two bookmarks for her bellflower bookmark (left) and Piccola (right)

Bookmark with flowers all starched and readySock bookmark

 So far this year I've knit over 4km of yarn! I feel pretty chuffed with myself. I'm almost finished my Vog On socks, I got a chunk of them done during PCon last weekend and I'm happy with them.  The Nevada City Windows cardigan is almost there too. After that I'm going to go back to the Garter Stitch Cardigan and fix those damned sleeves


  1. That is some amount of knitting, I now feel REALLY bad about my patheic-ass stashdown attempts! Go you! And you definitely have to publish a pattern for the Noro vest.... ohpleaseohpleaseohplease... no pressure... :o)

  2. thanks, I've been having fun with them, the noro vest needs me to play a lot with sizing to get it right. I would have made it plain but the horizontal striping would have been a bit embiggening!

  3. Yes, you must write the pattern for that noro vest; it's awesome!

    1. thanks, it was a tweak of a few patterns so I reckon it's pretty much mine at this stage, I just need to do the sizing maths.