Friday, 23 March 2012

Ruby Star Hat

Ruby star finished I'm slightly off my feet at the moment (I had x-rays today, the doctor thinks I may have broken something, now to wait for the results).  I decided that I would allow myself to start something once I had worked a bit on other projects.  The Three Tams Pattern had been on my queue for years and I think this variation was always going to be the one I was going to do.  I pulled some of my stash Aran Yarns and found a cream ball of Noro Cash Iroha  and a reddish ball of Noro Kureyon, and started working, two days ago...

Ruby Star Start Yeah, it's kinda addictive knitting, and I knit it two-handed, where you hold the yarn in each hand and throw with one hand and pick with the other.  I made myself learn this technique when I was doing one of the Art of Knitting Throws.  It's slow at first but you get used to it and it makes tensioning colour knitting a little easier for me.

The lower picture is in-progress.

I'd knit it again...


  1. Beautiful hat, I haven't tried two handed fair isle yet, I keep thinking I've spent too long hamming it with one hand that it would just be too awkward. Does it take long to get used to? Gorgeous colours too!

    1. I learned how to do the two-handed knitting doing some of the squares for the Art of Knitting Throw. It takes some patience but once you get into the swing it makes it easy enough, if I haven't done it for a while it takes time to get back into the swing of it, but I find it great for two-colour knitting.

    2. This is a fabulous intricate fairisle pattern - lovely and challenging - I'd love to try it sometime so I'll bookmark it. I love Knitty, there are wonderful patterns on it. I am making a plain colour cotton jumper now and also self-stripy socks - you can see pix on my latest blogpost yesterday. I haven't been great with blog-hopping lately but since I made a conscious effort to post more regularly I will become more active in commenting - hope it's reciprocal! (I know we Tweet more often than blog!)

  2. Stunning! I still haven't tackled colourwork yet, it looks waaay too scary so I'm majorly impressed by your hat.