Sunday, 18 March 2012

Future plans

At the end of last year I did an overview of some of my WIPs. Now it's time to make some plans about how to deal with them. All 16 of them.

There are a number of types of projects.  Apart from the "Good Gods why is this taking sooooo long to make" types I divide them into several categories.

The first type I have is those that are done but need time, a dry day and energy to block.  I have one left of those, Sherwood.

Second type needs buttons or zips
Purple Biker (1)
Purple Versatility (2)
Brown Windows
Purple Leap

In progress
Dianna (3)
Memories of Springfield (4)
Brown cardigan (5)
Victoria (6)
Carmel Knotty
Multicolour square (7)
Curve of Pursuit (8)
Leaf or Stay
Sock Yarn Quilt (9)

Ripped back and needs restarting
Blue Inara (10)

with Carmel Knotty in work, Aquaphobia socks as my travelling project and Leaf or Stay at home, no buttons yet for Brown Windows or Purple Leap, that makes 10 projects that are available to do.  I may have to find one of my 12 sided dice and use it to decide what I'm working on.  Why a 12 sided dice and not a 10 sided? 11 and 12 would allow me to start a new project.  Just looking at the projects many of them are on small needles in thin yarn and really that's part of the delay.  It sounds like a plan.


  1. I like the idea of that 12 sided dice and that Sangrantino Shawl is just beautiful.

    1. I have to take more progress shots too! I have a few too many dice...