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Rowan Crochet Workbook review

Crochet Workshop - Rowan (Book Depository Link)
Ravelry Link
Dublin City Public Libraries have copies which is where I picked up my copy

Text links are to the patterns on Ravelry.
The presentation of this book is quite good, spiral bound makes it easier for beginners, however it's not a book for left-handed crocheters.  Right-handedness is assumed and there's no real mention of using a mirror or that it's possible to crochet left-handed.

The edition I read is the one on the site and it was in UK crochet terms with a note about the US terms and conversion notes.

Workshop one takes you through some stitches like slip-stitch, double, half-treble, trebles and double trebles you then have a four-stitch coaster practice piece.

Workshop 2 - Stripes are explained next followed by a mixed-yarn striped scarf

Edgings are explored, with some simple patterns, a discussion of edging other fabrics with crochet.

Seaming comes up next, with a patchwork cushion cover to practice crochet seams.

Workshop 3 brings in shaping and working in the round, and some simple flowers. Project four is a Cloche hat with a flower.

Afghan Squares are explored with a couple of different types, often referred to as Granny Squares.  Project five is a Wagon wheel throw, with 188 motifs needing sewing up afterwards.

Workshop 4 takes you through creating textures, lace and some colourwork.  Project six is a crochet belt, covered in crocheted flowers.  Colourwork is used in some variety for the felted pots.

Workshop 5 is about garments and finishing. Project eight is a Baby Matinee Jacket, project 9 is a baby dress. After a piece about finishing with crochet button techniques and pocket techniques there's a woman's cardigan in a very simple stitch.  Short sleeved and made in pieces.

Workshop 6 is about embelishing crochet. Beads, felting and embroidering.  Project 11 is a crocheted necklace with beads. Project 12 is a felted bag with corsage, sewn after felting.

Most of the yarns used in the projects are dk or lighter.

Apart from the caveat about left-handed crocheters it's not a bad book, if you were looking to get into crochet it would be a good lead-in and after doing the projects you would have a good idea of what you were doing with a hook.  The photographs are clear but I don't think that they use enough of how Crochet can be done three-dimensionally, seams are ever-present where perhaps they aren't absolutely necessary.

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