Saturday, 22 December 2012

Twenty to make Mini Christmas Knits - review

Book Depository, Ravelry, Dublin City Public Libraries

Cute christmas knits.  Starts with an introduction and some basic techniques then has 20 different Christmas themed knits.

Twinkling star using sequin yarn, make 5 points and knit them together and then sew two pieces stuffing as you go.

Christmas tree with some ornaments - again make 2, sew together adding beads and a bell as ornaments as you go.

Gingerbread Heart - not sure what makes this gingerbread, it's more nordic to me or rustic.  Knit two heart shapes, sew together with blanket stitch in a contrast yarn, add felt or button heart to centre.

Mini-sweater with a cable, knit 2 sew together.

Mini-mittens, make 2, sew up

Christmas mouse.  sewn

Fairy mouse, like the ordinary mouse but with a tutu, wings and wand.

Stocking, again sewn.

Holly garland sewn onto a curtain ring

Sweetie cone, lined with felt, seamed

Fir tree egg cosy is one of the one that appeals, though it's layers of sewn strips of leaves.

Rudolph is another sewn ornament, you would need to use pipecleaners in the i-cord to keep him up, he's more of a hanging ornament as designed.

Snowman with a hat and scarf and i-cord twig arms and yes sewn.

Rocking Robin, body and breast are made seperately and sewn together, sewn on wings, beak, tail, legs and feet.

Christmas Pud - pudding, large icing drips, small icing drips made seperately and incorporated into the icing top, holly leaves made seperately and all sewn on

Christmas Angel would do for a very small tree.

What a hoot - a miniature owl made in many pieces and seamed together.

French hen - a hen with a scarf, again made in multiple pieces.

Turtle Dove - again complicated small pieces seamed later

Nordic Bunting made with some nordic style patterns these are cute.

One for those who enjoy fiddly seaming. AKA not me.  The only things that caught my attention were the egg-cozies (and I don't often eat eggs) and the bunting.  The rest didn't really grab me.

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