Friday, 21 December 2012

We Knit you a Merry Christmas review

  Book Depository, Ravelry, Dublin City Public Libraries

We knit you a Merry Christmas by Debbie Harrold

Some quite amusing, some groanworthy patterns.  All in dioramas, only 3 of them are on ravelry as I write this.

First up is a Brussels Sprout with a beard, moustache and Santa hat. fiddly seaming

Chill Out - A Chilli Pepper with glasses, magazine and paper hat.

Ha Pea Christmas - a pea skiing, wearing a Santa hat.

Turkey, a knit turkey with a Santa hat.

Go Crackers - a pair of crackers with Santa hats.

Let it snow - a group of snowballs sledding, wearing festive crowns.

Gingerbread - a Gingerbread man and woman

Choir Boys - choir boys with book

Snappy Christmas - a christmassy crocodile

Baa Humbug - Christmas sheep, with either Santa hat or antlers (made with pipe cleaners)

Three French Hens - hens with striped jumpers knitted in and berets or Santa hats.

Happy Christmas, Deer - yes, you guessed it, a deer with antlers.

Ho Ho Ho - Santa

Have an Ice Christmas - a polar bear with a scarf and skates

Penguin - with scarf and ear-muffs

We Three Kings - apart from the fact that I always understood that at least one of the kings wasn't Caucasian .. three kings with cloaks and gifts.

Chris Moose - a moose with a Chris label.

Angel - in silver dress and bearing a gift.

Snowman - with scarf and hat

Mistle Toad and Wine - a toad shown with a miniature bottle of wine.

At the back there are some knitting basics.

This one really made me groan, not for me it would probably appeal to people who like making miniature toys and playing with Dioramas.

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